Eco-Friendly Cosmetics and Soap

A Wild Texas Soap Bar

Natural olive oil soap. (View Profile)

Abaka Republic, Inc.

We are featuring products made from ABACA plant also known as MANILA HEMP (scientific name: musa textilis) indigenous to the Philippines. This amazing tropical bast fiber plant is known worldwide for its many uses in homes, industries and now in (View Profile)

Alaffia Fair Trade Shea Butter

Welcome to Alaffia, the home of fairly traded handcrafted shea butter, African black soap and premium shea butter body care products (View Profile)

Alima Cosmetics

Discover our gorgeous line of pure mineral makeup. Created from the finest cosmetic-grade minerals, Alima Cosmetics' beautiful products naturally enhance your true radiance. Alima Cosmetics, Inc. is a small company based in Portland, Oregon. We (View Profile)

Amaranthe Bath & Body Care from Nature

Amaranthe products are created using the finest oils, butters and essential oils from around the world. We hand-craft in small batches ensuring freshness and the highest quality possible. Each product blend is formulated to help restore the skin to a (View Profile)

Angelique Skin Care, LLC

Organic skin care. (View Profile)

Aubrey Organics, Inc.

All Aubrey Organics® products are completely natural, made with herbals, essential oils and natural vitamins. No synthetic chemicals of any kind are ever found in any of our formulas. We use liquid coconut oil in our soaps and shampoos and coconut (View Profile)

Aurora Nova, LLC

Founded in 2000 in Boulder, Colorado, Novaurora's vision is to bring health to our customers through products made with pure, botanical, body-friendly ingredients--organically grown where possible--that allow the skin to breathe and stimulate the (View Profile)

Aveda Corporation

Environmentally friendly organic body care products. (View Profile)

Azida, Inc.

Hemp oil body care. (View Profile)

Balsam Ridge Herbals & Gifts

Oils, natural insect repellents, gifts. (View Profile)

Beauty Without Cruelty

Since 1963, Beauty Without Cruelty has been dedicated to a business philosophy that advances animal welfare. We have stood consistently against animal testing and pioneered a powerful, ethical standard that could eliminate animal testing for cosmetic (View Profile)

Blue Monkey Herbal Company

Blue Monkey Herbal Company is the maker of hand-crafted environmentally-friendly body and bath products. Our natural products are hand-blended using the purest essential oils and organic botanical bases and herbs. From lavender and rosemary to (View Profile)

Blue Moon Herbals & Aromatics, LLC

Our collection is lovingly handcrafted and blessed with the beauty and power of nature. Products draw on the therapeutic and vibrational healing powers of fragrant oils and herbs, flower and gem essences and crystals. Our herbal blends are created in (View Profile)

Body Botanicals LLC

Body Botanicals is a family business that specializes in botanical skin care products made from completely natural ingredients. We are proud of the fact that we DO NOT use harmful synthetic preservatives or synthetic fragrances. We preserve our (View Profile)

Body Care from The Vitamin Trader

Discount vitamins and nutritional supplements. (View Profile)

Body Crystal of California/Pacific Sensuals

Bath and body oils, natural crystal deodorant stones, and ayate fiber cloths. (View Profile)

Body Time

B O D Y T I M E specializes in soaps, lotions, perfumes and other skin- and hair-care products. There are six Body Time retail stores in California: three in Berkeley, one in San Francisco, one in Marin County (San Anselmo), and one in Oakland. We (View Profile)

Botanical Earth

Freshest is best and less is more.... That's our motto about most things here at Botanical Earth. Nature provides a variety of botanicals, and if used in the correct proportions with quality ingredients, can then be crafted into effective body (View Profile)

Burt's Bees

Earth friendly people-care products made with natural stuff from the kitchen and garden. (View Profile)

C & H Ranch

Natural beeswax ear cones. (View Profile)


All natural candles. (View Profile)

Celebrate the Moon

Organic cotton menstrual pads. (View Profile)

Claire's Pure and Natural Products

Organic body care products. (View Profile)

Cusp Natural Products

Our goal at Cusp Natural Products is to produce and distribute high quality hemp and other environmentally friendly products. Cusp products address many of the human family's common problems, including concerns about chemicals in the environment and (View Profile)

Donah's Passions

Herbal body care products. (View Profile)

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Ecological soaps, body care, and snack bars. (View Profile)

Dr. Singha's Natural Therapeutics

Natural healing remedies. (View Profile)

Dragonfly Soaps

Handmade vegetable-based soaps. (View Profile)

Dropwise Essentials

Dropwise Essentials is a San Francisco-based manufacturer of pure aromatherapy and all-natural personal care products, lovingly created to nourish, heal, and comfort the body, mind, and soul. We hand-craft an exquisite line of nourishing hand & body (View Profile)

Earth Dance

Founded in 1996, Earth Dance began life as a small handcrafted herbal soap company. Our product line quickly blossomed to include botanical lotions, emollient cremes, rich body scrubs and more. Today, we uphold our original mission by creating (View Profile)

Earth Mother's Creations

All of our soap is completely handmade from start to finish by the cold-process method, starting with the finest of vegetable oils only; primarily Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Palm Oil. Some of our soap contains additional oils such as Sweet (View Profile)

EcoColors Haircolor

The smart choice for chemically aware people, EcoColors Haircolor delivers professional results, yet its gentle nourishing base will restore your hair with a healthy natural look. EcoColors a unique hand made permanent hair color available in 24 (View Profile)

Electromagnetic Health Hazard Control, Inc.

Low EMF hair dryers. (View Profile)

Feminine Options

"Comfort Curves" Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads (View Profile)

From the Meadows

Certified organic body care products. (View Profile)

Frontier Natural Products Co-op / Aura Cacia Aromatherapy

Frontier Natural Products Co-op specializes in natural and organic products. Our products are found in natural products stores and specialty shops throughout the United States and Canada. By offering easy access to high-quality, competitively priced (View Profile)

Gilden Tree

Gilden Tree Customer Service Gilden Tree and the Environment Gilden Tree - Our Social Policies WHAT IS GILDEN TREE? Gilden Tree is a small company started in 1990. We began by selling the Footscrubber, a terra-cotta pumice stone (View Profile)

GladRags / Keepers!, Inc.

GladRags cloth menstrual pads are soft, natural, reusable, washable, hypo-allergenic and incredibly comfortable. Not only will you save money and help the environment by switching to GladRags, you will find that our reusable menstrual pads are a (View Profile)

Got Soap?™/Simpler Thyme®

Natural soaps. (View Profile)

Grampa's Garden, Inc.

Grampa's Garden provides all-natural therapy and comfort products for those who want to live a healthy life. Our self-care products help relax, balance and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Each self care item is hand-crafted right here in (View Profile)


GratefulBody makes truly pure, chemical-free skin care and botanical medicinals. Formulated with certified organic, biodynamically grown and ethically wildcrafted ingredients, our natural products are safe, effective, nourishing food for your skin (View Profile)

Hemp Organics By Colorganics Inc

Hemp seed oil based cosmetics. (View Profile)

Herbal Luxuries Natural Skin Care

All natural health-focused holistic and organic herbal based facial skin care products. (View Profile)

HerbalAnimals Inc.

Animal-shaped pillows filled with organically grown flax and herbs. (View Profile)


Luxurious products rich with naturals, botanicals, and organics. (View Profile)

Jade & Pearl, Inc.

Jade & Pearl, Inc. is an ever-evolving company that creates natural products and unique gifts that are reusable, recyclable and sustainable. The company was created from a need to educate people about alternative solutions to conventional hygiene (View Profile)

Kettle Care - Pure Herbal Body Care

Pure herbal body care for people who have sensitive skin, including myself! An organic gardener for 27 years, our herbs are grown in NW Montana, where the air and water are clean from the mountains of the Whitefish Range. Pure Aromatherapy (View Profile)

Killmaster Soapworks

Killmaster Soapworks offers a complete line of natural, body loving milk-based soaps carefully hand crafted at our unique eco-friendly farm and soap factory in northern Michigan. We also offer a variety of soap making supplies, kits, and more. (View Profile)

Kiss My Face

Taking the latest scientific research and combining it with the most effective ingredients nature offers leaves no room in Kiss My Face bottles for artificial colors, unnecessary chemical additives, animal ingredients or animal testing. Vitamins (View Profile)

Kuumba Made Fragrances & Body Care

Herbal body care, fragrances, and body oils. (View Profile)

Mandrake Apothecary

At Mandrake Apothecary, we specialize in natural artisanal perfumes with your luxury in mind. Our botanical perfumes, soothing emollients, and cleansing ablutions are all crafted in small batches to ensure quality. We take our inspiration from (View Profile)

Lotus Pads

Organic cotton reusable menstrual pads. (View Profile)

Mad Gab's

All natural oils, waxes, and essential oils. (View Profile)

Nature's Acres Herbal Body Care

Organic body care products. (View Profile)


Osea has become the industry leader in high-tech, all natural, marine-based skin care. Our mission remains as intact today as ever before: to continue to provide you with products founded on purity, quality, and effectiveness. We continue to search (View Profile)

Outer Body Experience, Inc.

Natural should mean natural. While the word "natural" has been overused and abused, in our world it means using vegetable oils and butters, minerals, essential oils for scent, and plant extracts for color. We do not and will not add synthetic (View Profile)

Pangea Organics

Organic soaps. (View Profile)

Parsons Group Wellness

Organic body care products. (View Profile)

PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics

PeaceKeeper is a line of products for which All Profits, after taxes, are used to support women's health advocacy and human rights issues, while educating the mass consumer about the difference between dominance vs. win/win. (View Profile)


Organic, vegan-approved lotions. (View Profile)

Recycline, Inc.

Recycline was established, first and foremost, to provide high-quality recycled content & recyclable products to our consumers. We strive to make sure that our products introduce a new function – improving upon what is currently offered in the (View Profile)

Reddy’s Pads

Cloth menstrual pads. (View Profile)

Rosa y Fruta

Rosa y Fruta was created by Elizabeth O'Rourke Maldonado, to give women a healthful alternative to mainstream skin care. The ingredients used support master artisans and third world women co-operatives. Rosa y Fruta is about blending business and (View Profile)

Simmons Natural Bodycare

Simmons Bodycare Basics and the other products we offer are gentle to your skin and enhance daily life while being cruelty free and environmentally friendly. (View Profile)

SMB Essentials / Lotus Moon Skin Care

Lotus Moon® is honored to bring together the best of both worlds to skin care. This highly effective skin care system incorporates natural ingredients native to African, Japanese and Indian cultures complimented by high potency serums, tonics and (View Profile)

suki inc.

suki is a complete line of 100% natural skin care products that integrates the best of science with traditional knowledge in uniquely effective therapeutic treatments. all of our products are made with the highest quality clean ingredients (View Profile)

SunFeather Natural Soap Co.

SunFeather Natural Soap Company is your special source for fine kettle made olive oil soaps and bar shampoos of every imagination and herbal persuasion! We offer over 150 different kinds of handmade soap...from French Lavender to Sweetgrass (View Profile)

Sunflower Soapworks & Sundries

Natural herbal soaps, oils, and lotions. (View Profile)

Sunrise Lane

Manhattan-based company carrying environmentally friendly products. (View Profile)


We hand-craft a wide range of organic products: organic skin care, organic hair care, organic baby products, and other goods made with certified organic herbs and certified organic essential oils. (View Profile)

The Enterprising Kitchen

The Enterprising Kitchen, a social enterprise, enables women to maximize their individual potential. Under the CHOICES and The Enterprising Kitchen brands, we operate a light manufacturing company which produces specialty soap products and (View Profile)

The Super Salve Company

An extensive line of 100% natural herbal salves, lip balms, lotions, oils, creams, cleansers, toners, exfoliants and sunscreens using only all natural ingredients such as: aloe vera, alpha lipoic acid, shea butter, echinacea, coq10, dmae, arnica (View Profile)

Tom's of Maine

Complete line of natural body-care products. (View Profile)

Trillium Organics

All of our handmade, masterfully blended skin care products are completely free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, and are hand made with Certified Organic Oils and Pure Grade Essential Oils! Have you ever felt wildly passionate about your (View Profile)

Tweezerman Corporation

Tweezerman International (TMI) has long been recognized in the beauty industry for setting the highest standards of quality, reliability and service with every product we offer. Because we believe our customers want tools that are built to last, we (View Profile)

Vermont Soap Organics

Vermont Soap Organics was created to produce healthy, nontoxic alternatives to the often irritating chemical and detergent bases used today. We make very special bar soaps, liquid soaps, bath and shower gels, nontoxic cleaners and more. Our master (View Profile)

W.S. Badger

Organic-based healing products. (View Profile)

Wild Carrot Herbals

Honor the largest organ of your body (your skin) by feeding it the healthiest of ingredients. The flower, fruit and vegetable ingredients in our products are locally grown in the abundant Pacific Northwest, organic whenever possible, and only tested (View Profile)

Body Bliss Station

Massage of all types. (View Profile)

Relax with Kerem

Massage services. (View Profile)

Crazy Rumors

Crazy Rumors uses natural and vegan ingredients in its coffee and tea flavored lip balms. Ingredients include: Shea Butter and soothing Jojoba Oil. <br> (View Profile)

Yellowrose Naturals, LLC

At Yellowrose Naturals, our goal is to provide people with safe, naturally toxin-free personal care products that promote health and well-being. Our products are passionately developed using all natural, botanical ingredients and pure essential (View Profile)

Joia Botanicals

Tropical organic bodycare products made with sustainably harvested ingredients from the rainforests of Brazil. (View Profile)


Established as a new kind of Sephora for the savvy organic &amp; natural set, Futurenatural is the modern-cool-stylish home to all the best organic &amp; natural beauty brands in the world. Representing everything from cult classics to boutique (View Profile)

Meadowlake Farm Honeybee Products

We know skin care...we know bees. We create whole body products that are unmatched in the world of skin care and healing therapies from the products our organic hives produce. We excel in helping those with special facial skin care needs. Our (View Profile)

Di Erbe

We created a product line to combine all natural ingredients, beautifully created handmade products wrapped in earth friendly packages. So much care and attention goes into each item making each product a totally unique and great for your body and (View Profile)

Simply beautiful skin comes from simple ingredients, produced by nature. That's what we look for at Caren. Ingredient lists that you can read and understand from brands that keep the "derived from something natural" statements to a minimum. The best (View Profile)

PURE by nature

PURE by nature - 100% PURE &amp; Natural Products Handmade in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont using only 100% natural ingredients derived from nature. We are everything you need for an in-home, pure and natural, life altering experience. We cleanse (View Profile)

Glorious Garden Natural Skin Care

We started Glorious Garden Natural with the goal of providing natural skin care products powered by nature and proven by science. Our long standing commitment to protect the plant, its resources and all those who populate it is reaffirmed by our (View Profile)

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