Eco-Friendly Clothing for Kids

Garden Kids

Where "made in USA" means FAIR WAGE by Local Folks we know by name. Where "100% cotton" means ORGANICALLY GROWN COTTON grown and milled in the USA. And our stuff is STURDY, SNUGGLY, and SILLY, too! See for yourself why organic cotton is so great! (View Profile)

Green Babies, Inc.

Babies and kids can feel the extra softness of nature's most luxurious fabric, our luscious and snuggly 100% certified organic cotton. Each outfit is lovingly designed by a Mom, and wear and fit tested on real kids! And, of course, all our (View Profile)

Little Lefties

Little Lefties provides quality clothing and accessories for children with positive, empowering messages regarding themselves, the environment, and the future. Our thought-provoking images include Environmental, Equality, Political, and Rainbow (View Profile)


We are a family-run company dedicated to helping our environment and providing quality organic products special enough to be passed from generation to generation. We believe in the use of organic cotton. Cotton is second only to coffee in the (View Profile)

Under the Nile

Under the Nile offers you an alternative to conventional apparel. All the cotton we use is 100% ORGANIC, 100% Egyptian. Our natural cotton insures you that absolutely no pesticides or chemicals have been used through the entire production (View Profile)

What's Hempenin' Baby

Hemp diapers, baby clothing, and clothing for mothers. (View Profile)

Women in Progress / Global Mamas

Global Mamas is a nonprofit organization helping small women-led enterprises in Africa. By purchasing Global Mamas products, you are offering sustainable livelihoods to women and their families living in poverty. All proceeds go directly to (View Profile)

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